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 Get ready to embark on a journey of knowledge, growth, and personal development. Whether you're pursuing a new skill, advancing your career, or simply satisfying your curiosity, we've got you covered.

Meet Rebecka Clark, RDH, LMT

Myofaciologist &

Orofacial Recovery Specialist

Becka is crazy knowledgeable and uniquely specialized.

EVERYONE in the dental professions, massage professions - as well as the wider PT/chiro/ortho/speech/Acu/etc professions - could learn a ton from her.

Massage Team - Seattle, WA


In the realm of healthcare, the power of understanding one's "why" cannot be overstated. It is this profound sense of purpose and meaning that gives healthcare providers the drive to go above and beyond for their patients. When we truly comprehend our "why," it ignites a fire within us, fueling our passion to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Rebecka Clark - Leading Orofacial Recovery Specialist and Educator

Online Workshops & Courses

With live courses full of valuable knowledge, and Continuing Education (CE) credits, you can learn techniques that you didn't know were possible. Rebecka offers practical skills to enhance personal and professional growth for the online and clinical therapist. Learn how to perform a 10 minute TMJ unlocking technique or lymphatic drainage for post surgical support. 

Orofacial Recovery Institute - Advanced Orofacial Techniques Workshops

1:1 Coaching Calls & In Person Clinical Consulting

Connect with Rebecka 1:1 to help you break through compensations in your clients or have Rebecka come to your office to expand on your Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy department! Learn techniques that you didn't know were possible. Rebecka offers practical skills to enhance personal and professional growth. Learn how to perform TMJ unlocking techniques, lymphatic drainage for post surgical support and launch your own Orofacial Recovery Department. 

Orofacial Recovery Institute

Speaking & Hands on Workshops

Book Rebecka for an unforgettable in-person workshop or speaking engagement and get ready for a truly transformative event. Rebecka's expertise, and personal connection with the audience will leave your attendees inspired and educated. Previous participants have praised her ability to provide valuable insights, motivation, and practical guidance to help them advance in their field. 

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