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I'm Becka! 

I'm a compassionate dental hygienist and massage therapist, dedicated to redefining dental care. With a decade of experience, I'm constantly on a journey to reinvent, innovate, and above all, help my patients. I'm also a proud veteran, a chapter of my life that has shaped my resilience, discipline and adaptability. My military experience was instrumental in teaching me about the real value of service and the importance of a strong work ethic.

My passion for dentistry isn't just about cavities and cleanings; it's about taking a holistic approach to health care. To me, the mouth is a window to the body's overall health, and my goal is to incorporate my philosophy into mainstream dental care. I believe in treating the person, not just the symptoms, advocating for a more comprehensive and empathetic approach. Together, we can revolutionize and advance dentistry, making it more inclusive, progressive, and patient-centered. I'm excited to bring this vision to life, one smile at a time!

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